The Moment With You

The Moment With You

Every second that I spend with you, girl

Every minute till the time leave you....ououo

Even the story havent want to go

And I will always hold you when the days fall through....ouououo

Coz everything I do


Cos every time I look at you I wanna spend another day

Cos every time I hold to you

I do ..... Yes I do

In this moment I will wake up

In this moment I will call of my heart

Cos every time I look at you

I do .... yes I do..... yes I do

It is common when the sun have to rise

But only take a moment tell the truth.....ouououou

Even angels have to come to me now and everything is just the right in time to you......ouoouououo

Cos everything I do


After reff 2:

When the moment I fall down

You hold me up so right

In this moment i wake up

To love you on this time

Reff 2X


I have to wonder

To show the love were

That I could never to be alone

When the time fall through

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